The church shall be in membership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain

The church adopts the basis of faith of the Evangelical Alliance.
(A copy of this can be found here)

(These were defined as the church approached it’s sixtieth anniversary in 1999)

The church is the people who together love God and our aims are
To worship Him
Learn more of Him
Show  His love and caring to one another

Our objective in mission is –
    To show the love of Christ to people in the community so that they may
    find Christ for themselves to enable them to “live”.

4.1 Membership shall be open to all who profess repentance towards God, who have faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and whose lives bear evidence of their Christian
profession. Believers who have not confessed their faith through the ordinance of Baptism by immersion shall be eligible for membership but shall be urged to give earnest and prayerful consideration to this matter in the light of New Testament teaching.

4.2 Each candidate for membership who is not in membership with another Baptist Church shall be interviewed by two Church members (appointed by the Church Meeting upon
recommendation of the Diaconate) who shall inquire into the reality of his or her Christian faith, and Christian character . After they have visited  a report  and recommendation shall be submitted by these two members to vote at a Church Meeting.

4.3 Each candidate for membership who is in membership with another Baptist Church shall be received into membership by Letters of Transfer or of Commendation when his or her application has been submitted to a vote at a Church Meeting.

4.4 Those accepted for membership shall usually be received into the fellowship of the Church at a Communion Service.

4.5 Application for a transfer from this Church to another shall be dealt with by Letter of Transfer or Commendation by the Church Secretary after approval by the Diaconate.

4.6 Any member of the Church whose conduct is thought to be incompatible with the Christian profession shall be visited by the Minister and/ or deacon( s) and lovingly
consulted and, if necessary, cautioned. If such conduct is continued the Diaconate shall take the matter to the Church Meeting.

4.7 The membership roll shall be revised at least annually. No name shall be removed from the roll without, if at all possible, due notice to and visiting of the person
concerned. Deletion of names shall require the votes of at least two-thirds of those
present and voting at a Church Meeting.

4.8 Church members under the age of 16 will be encouraged to take part in discussions and attend all Church meetings. The responsibility of voting will come upon them when they are 16.

4.9 The responsibilities of a Church Member are
To live a life consistent with the Gospel and worthy of their high calling in Christ.
To spend some time every day in prayer and considering the Scriptures.
To share every Sunday, unless unavoidably prevented, in the corporate worship of the church.
To accept personal responsibility for the government of the Church by
attendance at the Church Meetings.
To take some part in the work of the Church according to their gifts and
To live in fellowship with all other members of the Church, serving one another in love.
To set aside a realistic proportion of their income for the work of God carried on in and through the Church
To introduce others to the fellowship of the Church and engage in corporate and personal evangelism.
5.1 The ordinance of Baptism shall be that of believers by immersion in water in the name of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It shall be available only to those who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.  (Under exceptional
circumstances the diaconate might suggest baptism take a different form to immersion).

5.2 The Communion of the Lord’s Supper shall be observed at least once a month and all Christian people are invited to share in this. Members are expected to do their utmost to be present at the Communion Service, regarding it as a privilege to do so.